Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it really...

Is it really better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all? Age old question, and no one really has the answer. 
Some will say yes, because then you have your memories and the warm gooey feelings to keep you warm at night. But then what you also have is the horrid feeling of your heart being broken into unmanageable pieces. 
Some will say no, because then you never have the unmanageable pieces to put back together again. And regardless of how certain they are that this is the better route, I guarantee you that there will always be a glimmer of uncertainty... wondering if this really is the best way to go through life. 
I, however, am planted firmly in the grey area. I believe that both sides have good points, and agree with both of them. That doesn't make me flaky or soft, it makes me smarter than both of them. 
I agree with the yes people, because memories are wonderful. I agree with the no people, because broken hearts suck. 
Some broken hearts are unavoidable.. like losing a family member or close friend. And I don't mean misplacing them, I mean them being taken from you. Forever. That is something that is unavoidable, and also an instance where the memories and gooey feelings are positive. Those broken hearts never go away, but the people who broke them will always be with you. 
Broken hearts that come due to someone flitting in and out of your life... those are the ones I think I could live without. Why are there people that come into your life, shake it about, and then leave? Why do we need people who enter, only to say goodbye? There will always be people in your life who you are always meant to say goodbye to. But why? Why can't we avoid those broken hearts, because really, what are we learning from them? They won't stay with us forever, other than as a mistake in our minds. 
Maybe this makes me seem jaded. Maybe this makes me seem negative and cold. All I know is life would be much easier if we could just see into the future, and avoid all those people who hurt us, and leave us. And not the ones who impact you in a positive way, but the ones who flit in and out, and all they leave is a wake of hurt. 
Because in my mind, I would much rather hurt over people who loved me and then were taken from me. I really have no use for people who pretended to care, only to leave. There is a big difference between those who were taken, and those who chose to leave. Truth be told, I'd rather not hurt at all. But one thing is for certain, I really never want to hurt because someone chose to leave me. That is an intolerable pain that I could live the rest of my life without ever knowing. 
Loving and losing is much different than loving and leaving. 
But, that is just my opinion.

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