Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sunshine, flowers and patchy grass

My 6th anniversary was on Sunday. My husband and I celebrated this by spending the day, apart, while working at a paintball tournament at our friends field. Oh how fun! I got to spend the day virtually by myself, sitting on the counter, watching South Park, Family Guy and Transformers on Tom's i-pod. JOY!! But whatever...I spent the day in the sunshine, amongst the bugs, and got some fresh air.
I stopped at a greenhouse on the way home and spent 70 bucks on flowers. I masterminded my flower arrangements this year. My Grandma usually picks them, plants them, etc. So this year I was on my own. I picked the color scheme (pink, purple and white), which flowers went in which pots (I have 5), and the way they were to be arranged. I was rather proud of myself! I was so much more proud when I actually got them all planted on Monday afternoon. Oh how pretty they all look! Now I just hope that the freaking wind doesn't kill them all before I get to really appreciate them!!
Speaking of appreciation...I do NOT appreciate my lawn! Last year it was so nice and green. I watered it, weeded it, fertilized it, etc. I even put down some special winter fertilizer before it snowed. Fat lot of good that did!!! My husband, bless his retarded soul, decided that cleaning up our dogs crap was unnecessary. So the poo sat on my lawn, and festered, for months! I finally went out and removed it, only to find that the grass underneath it all had decided to end it's own life. Sad sad sad. My backyard looks like the desert, with a few sparse patches of green. Not pleased! My front yard isn't bad, but we have a few rogue dead patches....perhaps we had meandering dogs piss everywhere over the winter. Who knows! I ordered some special "dog pee/poo, dead grass, patchy non-growing grass" seed on the weekend - and I am rather excited for it to come!! The infomercial looked promising. A friend of mine joked that we were going to be sent 2 cans of green spray paint. I hope, for the sake of humanity, that I don't get spray paint in the mail! I may just go crazy. My lawn, and my sanity, requires some pretty kick-ass seed right now.
Because we can't have the beautiful sunshine and pretty flowers ruined by the poo-killed grass now, can we?

Friday, May 16, 2008


In high school health class, I remember taking a test. It was a test to see if we, as the students, were more introverted or extroverted. I remember the questions seemed odd, but the outcome was dead on. I was classed as a strong extrovert - meaning I fed off of other people, got energized when I was around people, etc. And I find that test is still very accurate today.
I've noticed that when I am alone for long periods of time, I get sad. I have no reason to be sad, but I feel very very sad. If I don't talk to people, I get sad. If I am excluded from things, my feelings get hurt very easily, and I get sad. It sucks! I wish it weren't so, but alas, it is.
On the other hand though, when I am around people, I am very upbeat and happy. When I have a lot to do, I am more energized than when I am at home. Although running errands may seem mundane and exhausting, I get a charge out of it. I get amped up when I am in a group of people. I get energy from talking to people. When I have plans to do stuff, I tend to stay in a better mood throughout my days.
It makes no sense. But I get sad for no reason, and happy for strange reasons. I know that most people will say that that is just human nature, but when I don't talk to people, I feel completely lonely. I could be sitting beside someone, and feel as lonely as if I was all alone.
Perhaps I am insane? Perhaps I need to seek professional help? NAH. I'm just a strong extrovert - and I am a people person. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

random randomness I have become a total bum for blogging. I apologize to the only people who read this....ERIN! Sometimes life gets in the way of life. I am not sure how it happens, but it does! I intend on writing a very stern letter to the person who runs my life, insisting that I take some more time to breathe (and blog). I hope it will be well received. And considering I will be the one who reads it, I wouldn't count on it. HA HA HA! I am making myself sound like a stark raving mad lunatic. AND IT'S FUN!
The sun is shining, my grass is growing (in the spots that isn't dead from the rampaging dog that pissed all over it this fall), my flowers are beginning to bloom....who doesn't love this time of year!?!?! I am still petrified that it is going to snow again...but I am hoping that it won't. I planted a Prairifire Crab tree last night (we had NO tree's on our property...that is just sad!) And I don't want my little tree to die! So, cross your fingers.
My anniversary is on Sunday. 6 years. I can't freaking believe that 6 years has already gone by. And what will we be doing that day, you ask? WELL! Tom will be at the paintball field, reffing a tournament. I've been asked to help, as they are short on able hands. Sounds like a party to me......Annoying as hell paintball players, all stinky and painty, being annoying as hell, and driving me up the wall. Yep! That sounds like the perfect anniversary to me! May even beat out last year...and last year our hotel started on fire, and we were evacuated to the middle of the street at 2am. Gotta tell ya, the Calgary Tower looks beautiful against the glare of the bouncing Fire Truck lights :)
That is my world. I am a bum, married to a bum, and we have 2 cute little bums. (the boys I mean, I am by no means complimenting my ass!!!)