Sunday, September 20, 2009


When I was a kid, I found out the hard way, that I get car sick. I have motion sickness that only affects me in vehicles though, as I can go on roller coasters and I'm fine. Throw me in the passenger seat of a vehicle though, and I'm struggling to keep down the chunks. For that reason, I tend to be the one behind the wheel. Some people see it as a power struggle, I however see it as a necessity. But enough about that, back to the roller coasters. 
They are fun, and I love them. There is one at West Edmonton Mall, the mindbender, that became a big part of my childhood. One time a bunch of friends and I went to the mall, and I rode that sucker 14 times in a row. My tummy wasn't very stoked with me after that, but it was too much fun to care. 
There are a few in Orlando, at Universal Studios, that were the best I've ever been on. Like I said, I love roller coasters. The funny thing they do to your tummy.. it's great. 
The funny thing.. That's called g-force. Not a lot of g's on roller coasters. Where you will find a lot of g's is in a fighter jet. My god, if I ever got the chance to go in one of those, I'd jump! That would be fun. I'd probably hurl everywhere, but it would be awesome regardless.  
2009 has been a giant roller coaster for me. And as much as I love when the g's make my tummy flip, I'm not a fan of what this year has done to my heart. Rides do funny things to my tummy, the roller coaster my life has become is doing funny things to my heart. And as much as I love rides, I'd like this one to be over. But that's the thing, you always know when the ride will end... you get off right where you got on. I, however, have no idea where this one is going to end. I can't see the end of the track, and I'm too buckled in to just jump off. So what do you do when every day is a battle with g-force, and every day is a struggle to keep the proverbial chunks down? 
I guess all you can do is stick it out, hope for the best, keep a clean shirt nearby, and try to enjoy the good parts of the track. Because no matter how dismal it seems, all rides have to end somewhere, right?

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