Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new first

We experienced a new first, yesterday. When your kids get older, the first become few and far between. So when you get to have one, it is exciting! 
We took Zack and Jesse to a movie! We've never done it before, as they never seemed really interested. But, Madagascar 2 came out over the weekend, and they loved the first one, so it seemed like a good one to try. I was worried that our attempt at getting into the movie was going to be an indication of how the movie itself was going to go.... 
We planned on attending the 1:00 show, so we went an hour early, as to assure we would get good seats, etc. I forgot my cell phone at home, which turned out to be a pain in the butt... I went into the theater to grab tickets, and found that there was a 12:30 show, so I figured why not! I ran outside and grabbed Tom and the boys. We went in and stood in line for 10 minutes, only to see a sign that said that the 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 shows were all sold out! Tom took the boys back to the truck and I stayed in line to buy tickets for the 3:30 show. I was next in line, and the cashier asked "everyone who is only buying tickets to please go to the kiosk in the back, so I can serve the people who are going to the movie right now." So I trudged back to the kiosk and waited another 10 minutes, while this clueless woman tried to navigate the easy to follow instructions.... she ended up storming out and swearing that the machine was broken. The man in front of me was able to get his tickets, so I stayed and waited my turn. I got my tickets picked and chose 2 concessions for us, and was about to hit CONFIRM when the lady who had been in the big line ahead of me ran over and grabbed my arm "There are still tickets for the 12:30 show, that sign was from yesterday." HA! So I hit cancel, apologized to the people waiting behind me, and got my tickets for the 12:30 show. (it was 12:15 at this time) And once again ran outside to get the boys (see how a cell would have been helpful!) The boys said "Mommy, what is going on? I am confused!" I said I am too... but just go with it. Tom took their tickets and took them to sit down, and I got back into the big line (which had grown exponentially since I had removed myself from it) I finally got to the counter and had to make 2 trips to the theather to drop off our snacks (I only have 2 hands!) 
I got in just as the movie was starting, gave the boys their little snack boxes (popcorn, a drink and a kinder egg) and they happily sat there the WHOLE time without moving, freaking out or asking to leave. Zack ate all of his popcorn, drank all of his iced tea, and finished his kinder egg chocolate. Jesse didn't eat all of his popcorn, as he was too engrossed with the movie to do much of anything. He unwrapped his kinder egg, and was eating the chocolate... and he grabbed a piece of the tinfoil and stuck it in his mouth (like I said, he was engrossed!) Tom was like NO! And grabbed it before he could finish eating it. 
They laughed, they clapped, they cheered, and had a great time. I'm glad we waited this long to go, as I think they may have been fussy if we had gone when they were younger. So now we have a great memory of their First Movie. 
Life is full of 'firsts'. And I am so lucky to have such a great family to experience them all with.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no pain, no gain

I am in such horrendous pain right now... MAN! I love volleyball :) 
We won our games, tonight... so next week, we move up one more tier. If we win next week, we move up again, thus moving our game the following week to my son's school! He would be so happy to see Mommy playing in his schools gym. 
So cross your fingers that we win - I'd love it for my boys to come and watch me slam-bang my body around, all in the spirit of the game :)