Sunday, August 31, 2008

times are changing

Times are changing in the Gordon household. The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting cooler. The nights are getting darker and longer, and morning is coming a little later than usual. The flowers are starting to wither, and the grass is getting ready to sleep. The color of the scape is turning from a wicked nice green, to more of a blah-ass yellow. Ah yes, it is beginning to look a lot like autumn! Damn-it. 
I am a summer girl, through and through. The hotter - the better!! I loved this past summer. My boys are both big enough that I can let them run around in the backyard with little, to no, supervision. And they played together soo good this year! We put a big-ass play center in our backyard this year, and the boys loved it. They had little adventures in the fort, played on the swings, screamed as the hot plastic burned their little asses on the way down the slide, and they nearly smashed out our fence while zooming on the glider. Yes, it was a good summer. 
We had a family reunion at our house this year. I got to see faces I haven't seen in years, some faces I've never met before, and faces that I see on a regular basis. It was great to have all of those people (nearly 30) in my 1300 sq ft house, in July, in the heat, without a/c! Actually, it wasn't that bad. I get energized by people, so having that many around was really good for my energy level. Also, we have a good sized back yard, fully equipped with the aforementioned play center, and a sand box, and an awesome inflatable bouncy thing. Plus, we bought some sweet-ass patio furniture just for the occasion. (okay, maybe not JUST for the occasion, as I was eyeing up patio stuff anyways, but this gave me an excuse to get it sooner than we may have otherwise!) 
The summer was good to me. It was good. Now it is leaving...and it seems it is not just leaving, but it is hauling ass out of here, with some sort of crazy vengeance! It was hoooot just a few measly weeks ago, and now it is not even hitting 20 degrees. I mean seriously, what the hell! I blame people who complain about the heat. Revel in it people, for it doesn't last long in this province! Enjoy the heat, welcome it, LOVE it, for the winter months last a hell of a lot longer in this are of the world. Winter is fine, whatever. I can't tell you how much I adore snow, and shoveling, and the three freaking hours it takes to get everyone ready to go out and brave the sub-zero temperatures. It rocks. And this year I have the necessary pleasure of braving the elements more frequently than I have in the past. 
See, my oldest son is starting kindergarten on Tuesday. That's right, my first baby will soon be a school-goer. It not only blows my mind, but also bums me fairly hard. He is growing up, and there is nothing I can do about it. Now I get all of the added stress of worrying about him while he is out of my grasp. I am sure he will be fine, and this will give me and my youngest some more bonding time (and potty training fighting time). Still, it's a shock to the system when they have a 'first' like this one. 
Times are changing.... The grass is dying (at least the parts that survived the dog poo and the buckets of sand dumped on it by my kids this summer), the air is chilling, kids are heading back to school (my baby being one of them this time), and yet in some strange way, everything is still the same. Funny how that happens......