Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Don't panic.. I'm not lost, nor have I lost anything. I mean missing, as in missing someone, or something. And now that we have that straightened out.. I will carry on.
At any given moment, someone misses something or someone. You might miss your old school, or a friend, or a pair of really comfortable jeans, or a pet, etc. It can be a good feeling as you recall the memories that brought you to the missing, but then the ick sets in. Missing someone is horrid. You want them beside you, to talk to them, to hear their laugh, to hug them.. but you can't. Miles may be between you, or an uncrossable gap. Whatever it is that separates you, you can feel it with every fiber of your being. 
At this minute in time, I miss several people. And I miss each of them differently. It makes my heart ache. But how do you make it stop? I guess it just takes time to get from the missing, to the reminiscing. All I know is I can't wait til I get there... because the gut wrenching pain has got to stop. 

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