Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year; New Me - pt 2

It is January 1st,
and all through the land,
people are vowing to change,
vowing to give a hand.
To those in need,
or just to themselves,
to be different this year,
in to January they delve. 
To lose weight this year,
or be nicer to all,
to learn a new language, 
or accept they aren't tall.
To be funnier, or laugh more
or take up a new hobby,
to be nicer to be around
or clean up their lobby.
To make some new friends,
or reconnect with current ones,
to write their first novel,
or quadruple their funds.
But more often than not,
our intentions fall flat,
we lose our ambition,
our drive blows a flat.
We should try, every day,
to be the best that we can,
but every year it's the same,
only important in Jan...
uary, that is,
for whatever reason,
is the time we insist change,
like it's the point of the season.
So this year, maybe try
to be the best you you can be,
smile and love life,
and things will change, you'll see!

January 1, 2009 - JG