Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old Year to New Year in the blink of an eye

All it takes to erase the goings on of an entire year seems to be a night out with friends, a kiss at midnight, and a dropping ball. 
Ah, if only that were true. And yet, many people believe in the sanctity of "New Year, New Me". I began this very blog last year, as a resolution of sorts. I believed it would be cathartic to get feelings, thoughts and wonderings out on "paper". It has done that, and also provided me with many laughs and memories. But it hasn't "changed me" as many people-I am sure-believe that resolutions will do. You have to want it, need it and seriously work at it. 
And change doesn't happen overnight. So don't be believing that just because Dick Clark drops the ball, that the slate gets wiped clean! It may be a new year, but the old you is still there!
Another thing I don't understand is the necessity to "ring in the new year" by being as blasted drunk as is humanly possible! But it seems to be a widely accepted way to begin a new year, so I suppose it is something to just accept. 
Still, we all need to remember that in order for this year to be better than last year, we HAVE to try! We have to change things, or else we will just be living perpetually in the year we just finished. So, throw out your garbage, hug your kids, pick up your laundry, help with the dishes, learn a new instrument, count your calories, actually go to the gym, and for goodness sake SMILE! Because like attracts like... so blink your eyes and embrace the new year we have all been given.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

THAT time of year

There are 12 months in the year, and 365 days in those months. People float around in their own little heads, just happy to make it through their days. I enjoy those days... the ones where you don't get in anyones way, and they generally won't get in yours (except for those few, who I swear are only on this earth to be 'in your face') That is until November hits.... and then all rules fly out the proverbial window. 
Now, November is not December... but it is the December pre-cursor. It comes and people think "Oh, it's already November! December is next month! I must start shopping and acting like I have no idea that anyone else on the earth exists!" Oh, and the fun begins. 
The fun being: fighting for parking spots, dealing with traffic, fighting through swarms of people in overcrowded and overheated malls, stores and boutiques. Dealing with people who are looking for the very thing you are looking for, and have no qualms with ripping your face off to ensure they get it before you do. Fighting with overworked staff who really don't care if you get what you are looking for, because you are just another faceless cranky customer. Not to mention having to stomach the non-stop Christmas music that is poured through the sound system, which I truly believe is only there to make people more frustrated and cantankerous, because who can stay sane and calm when you've heard "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer" for the 37th time in one day. And then there are the children. Oh dear crud, the children! I love my kids, they are the greatest thing I've ever been given. But when I have to go to a store, all bets are off. I don't like other kids, with their runny crusty noses, whining and screaming in the cart, throwing tantrums in the aisles, wiping their dirty fingers on whatever happens to be nearby (even if it is your pants... yes, that happened to me). 
This time of year can either make or break you. And it seems to break many. Breaks their wallets, their spirits, their common sense and their will to live. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you know what I mean :) 
I think people just need to focus on the greatness of this time. The time to spend with friends and family. Time to evaluate the last year, and how to make the new one even better. Time to relax and enjoy the beauty in the fresh fallen snow, the pretty colored lights, and the closeness that this holiday season can bring. But I really believe that the commercialism kills it for many. 
So this year, try to remain calm, don't over indulge, and enjoy the company and warmth. Because this time of year should be something that we can carry in our hearts all year long (at least the really great parts... the rest should be avoided FOREVER!!!!!!)